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Injury Law

Injury Law


Life changes in an instant.

Life as we know it can change in an instant. When you or a loved one is affected by a serious injury accident everything changes. The emotional and financial toll can be overwhelming. The attorneys at Ketover & Associates are uniquely prepared to help you during this difficult time. Having handled multi-million dollar claims with injuries including surgeries, fractures and even paralysis, we can assist you or your loved one bring order to the chaos. Handling payment of medical bills, getting monthly lost wage payments as well as lump sum awards for pain, suffering and future expenses, Ketover & Associates can relieve some of the burdens you or your loved one face when confronted with a serious injury accident.

Car Accidents

Automobile accidents in New York are different than other states.  For one, New York has the “No Fault Insurance Law” which has specific requirements for handling the payment of doctor bills and lost wages.  Dealing with the insurance company and making sure you or your loved one get the proper coverage you require and deserve is only the beginning of what our attorneys do for you.  Ensuring that proper compensation for your injuries is secured requires navigating New York’s Threshold Law which requires a certain level of injury exists in order for a claim to survive.  Coordinating with your treating doctors, ensuring all bills and lost wages get paid, along with securing the proper lump sum award for pain, suffering and future expenses is what someone suffering a serious injury in a car accident requires and is exactly what the attorneys at Ketover & Associates provide.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents are all too common today given the increase in property development.  Whether a high rise construction, new home development or even an older home remodel, the activities associated with this type of work are dangerous.  When suffering a serious injury while engaging in such work you or your loved one need attorneys who understand the nuances of the laws covering such accidents.  Ketover & Associates know New York’s Labor Law and how it is designed to protect hard working men and women that build all the structures that make up our cities, communities and homes.  Making sure lost wages are received, medical bills are paid and a lump sum award is acquired to compensate your pain, suffering and future expenses is what our attorneys will work tirelessly to achieve.  In this way you and your loved one can focus on recovering from the serious injury suffered.

Tort Law

There are other types of injuries people suffer that aren’t only physical in nature.  These types of Tort cases are often complex and difficult to prove.  Cases like defamation, libel, slander or wrongful arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution require very careful handling and consideration.  Making sure all evidence is preserved, witnesses are sought after, statements are taken and all proof of damages are carefully documented is all necessary in properly prosecuting or defending such cases. Ketover & Associates has handled a number of these cases and is prepared to protect your rights in the event you or a loved one is faced with such a challenge.