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Being in business for one’s self is both gratifying and nerve wracking. Any business owner will tell you it is the most exciting and challenging thing they have ever done. It is important for any business owner to have a good support team around them. One of the most invaluable parts of that team is sound legal counsel. At all stages of your business, from inception, to purchase or start up, while active, and at the end when you wind down or sell your business, you will face many different challenges. Having good attorneys who can advise you every step of the way is not only smart business but will increase your bottom line. The attorneys at Ketover & Associates have helped business owners with everything from new business set up, purchase and sales, contract formations, and when necessary litigation in the courts. All of these natural life cycles in your business share one important fact: a good attorney can help ensure you maximize your profitability.

Business Formation

Starting a new business is exciting and scary.  When beginning a new venture it is important to create a sound foundation increasing the likelihood of success.  Choosing what type of entity to form (corporation, limited liability company or sole proprietorship) is the first of many important decisions with which Ketover & Associates can help.  Creating shareholder agreements for your investors, partnership agreements with anyone you are working with and other organizational documents are necessary to avoid problems down the road.  Our attorneys have helped start scores of new businesses get established and would welcome the opportunity to help you.

Business Agreements

Once your business is formed your contracts, agreements or purchase orders are how you protect yourself from those you do business with.  These contracts or agreements are crucial for clarifying your rights and responsibilities as well as memorializing what you expect to receive from the people you do business with in return.  The days of “hand shake deals” are long gone.  With most commerce occurring on-line or through electronic communications, people often never meet each other in person.  This is why it is crucial that your agreements adequately protect you and your business.  Ketover & Associates has negotiated and drafted hundreds of agreements for businesses ranging from distribution companies, restaurants, retail stores, real estate development companies, professional service companies as well as entertainment companies. The right agreement can save you thousands of dollars in business capital as well as help avoid costly litigation. We are ready to put our experience to work for you and your business.


One of the unfortunate realities of being in business is sometimes you find yourself in a situation where a disagreement over money owed, goods purchased, services contracted for, or where ownership interest is contested cannot be resolved through discussion with the other party.  In such circumstances either you are sued or you have to sue the other party to enforce your rights.  When this occurs you and your business require qualified attorneys who not only understand the litigation process but who have also conducted actual trials in New York courts.  An experienced trial attorney can make the difference between success and failure in court.  Ketover & Associates has litigated matters in the State of New York Supreme Court, Commercial Divisions as well as the United States District Courts.  We are prepared to fight and protect your rights ensuring the best possible outcome given the situation you are facing.  Most importantly you will receive candid advice regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case before you go to trial so you can make the best financial decision for you and your business. We recognize that it’s your bottom line that matters, not ours.